Not just another

I was indifferent to grapes because they all looked the same, tasted the same and you would get the same feeling in the end.

One day, a very beautiful day, i walked into a yard filled with grapes. it was
not that i suddenly liked grapes or that the day was nice,

i saw one grape.. i didn’t taste it but the first look at it and i knew that i
wanted it.

The look, the smell, the feel.. yeah everything felt right.

It was a moment where everything seemed so perfect.

I felt like a chef at a restaurant..

What i am talking about is no grapes, for i have just glorified a mere fruit as
God itself. i am talking about God and not his creation.

Nature was in front of me and all i did was admire as i rightfully should have..

I admired thee..

The three minutes felt like a lifetime..

I smiled and that was the first time i said hello to you..

You and only you..

For there was no one else around but me and you..


~ by shills on March 28, 2008.

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