Brother Famous!! yay yay!

My dear brother is famous! I can finally say i am a celebrity sister now!

Damn i wish i could get the links to that Kumudam article and the one in ‘The Hindu’ also! 😛


~ by shills on October 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Brother Famous!! yay yay!”

  1. Ahem, Chennai chronicle isnt even a paper 😛

  2. Ah… another iteration of celebrity brothers and sisters of celebrity brothers… Its like being in 2nd gen…

  3. @planemad
    😛 its the supplement dummy

    😀 yes yes.. lots more to come i guess

  4. Enna koduma Sir Idhu! 😛

  5. @Narain: kodumaya paththi nee romba pesakkodathu 😀

    @shills: time to flaunt “im the celebrity sis of a celebrity bro” attitude around the city. start with wearing rings on all ten fingers and smoke malboro lights and drink jack daniels. Also start all conversations with “you know, my brother always says…” for anything and everything 😀

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