TAG Meeting – Sunday 28th December

The TAG meeting yesterday was by Sriram V. Most of us would already know him. For those of you who don’t, it’s about time. Briefly, Sriram is an engineering and Business Administration in marketing and advertising graduate. He is currently involved with his family business in Industrial Hydraulics and Software. Music has been a passion for Sriram since the age of 8. This combined with a great interest in history has led him to study the art form in depth.
He has also done a considerable amount of research on the history of Chennai.
In 1999, Sriram set up http://www.sangeetham.com, a website devoted to spreading awareness about Carnatic Music and its heritage with the eminent Carnatic vocalist Sanjay Subramanium. The site was operational till 2005. Sriram writes frequently on the subject of fine arts for Shruti, the Carnatic music station on Worldspace radio and The Hindu. In 2004, he became the contributing editor of Sruti, the classical music and dance magazine and is currently in the editorial advisory committee. He is also the associate aditor of Madras Musings, the city’s fortnightly devoted to heritage. He writes a monthly column in the Chennai edition of India Today which looks at the history of various streets in Chennai. He writes on places of heritage interest on a weekly basis for The Times of India. He is known for the heritage walks during the Madras week and Music season.
Sriram has authored four books – Carnatic Summer – the lives of 22 exponents of Carnatic Music which has been reprinted for the 5th time now. The Devadasi and the Saint, the life and times of Bangalore Nagarathnama which was released in 2007 and awarded him the UNFPA LAdli award for Gender Sensitivity in writing. Semmangudi – Life and Music – on the life of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer which was released by Hon. APJ Abdul Kalam and Historic Residences of Chennai – a bilingual on 50 historic homes in the city which was released during the Madras week 2008.

Sriram was invited to unfold the life of the great maestro Harikesanallur L Muthiah Bhagavatar. Through the talk, Sriram took us through the childhood of Muthiah, his musical tutelage and performances. He dealt with this in depth showing portraits and playing snippets of Muthiah’s compositions rendered by various artists such as Neivelli Santhanagoplan, Sanjay Subramanium, Madurai Mani Iyer etc. His talk as usual was filled with a great sense of humor. I was truly very lucky to have been present for this talk. Loved it. When i started out to write this piece i thought of putting down all that Sriram said. I have however decided to do my bit and just add the information and elaborate upon the Wikipedia article instead.

Am currently reading the Carnatic Summer. Back to my book


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