Kepasa! For those of you who do not know about me, i am a person who has varied interests, some of those which include : photography, painting, trekking, vedanta, and music. Having traversed pretty much the entire surface of the Earth, i love interacting with people.

I am a person who values independence, and straight-forwardness in communication. I do not feel the need to continue telling you about myself as my posts shall speak for me.




2 Responses to “Moi!”

  1. Just out of curiosity – which all places u have trekeed so far ? Any suggestion in Karnataka or TN ?

  2. @invisible china
    Trekked through a lot of the western ghats, coorg, off to the himalayas in april.. sure loads of places in TN and karnataka…

    1. Mudhumalai
    2. Top Slip
    3. Bhimeshwari
    4. Thada Falls
    5. Thadiandamol
    6. Mukurthi

    just google it.. i’m sure you will find many more. it also depends on the kind of trekking you want to do.

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